Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SPCA Visit
Thanks to all those who had made this visit a SUCCESS!
We learned about what SPCA do and what they hope to acheive and other useful tips regarding animals like how to prevent being chased by a dog haha.
Also took a tour around SPCA looking at animals at their shelter

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is finally over !
Here is the list of the incoming board 10/11
All Da Best people!

President Ong Yan Feng 4T3
Vice President : Boon Ken Ghee 4S1
Secretary : Lau Soon Ean 4S1
Assistant : Moy zee yeun 3C
Treasurer: Kwan Pui Kei 4C1
Community service Director : Celina Ng 4A1
Assistant : Yeap Chuan Fung 3I
Club Service Director: Tho Kun Lin 4S1
Assistant : Liang Yee Ching 3B
I.U. Director : Danelle Ong 4S1
Assistant: Chan Yee Siang 4S1
Finance Director : Goh Ye sheng 4S1
Assistant : Kawn Pui San 4A1
Publicity : Lee Shan Neng 4S1
Assistant: Wan Min Fei 4S5

Gonna leave it to someone else to update this blog maybe..
It's been a memorable year =)!

- Chong Yu Tatt
Immediate PAST President

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello people! It's been quite some time since anything happened !
Just to tell you that our Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) is coming soon
I know that there's lots of boring meetings and lack of activities..
Hopefully the 2010/11 committee will do better!
If you are a form 2 ,3 or 4 Interactor in our club and wish to be part of this CHANGE by joining the new committee just let me know =)
You could leave a message at my facebook ( Chong Yu Tatt )
The date of our AGM is 17-7-10
Time is from 10-12 and place is the same as usual N32..
Please be there! Your attendance means a lot to us!
You could expect another activity prepared by the time of AGM ( Some visits maybe? )
Hope the following Interact times will be even successful

Signing out -
Yu Tatt =)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello once again!
It's been a Month since anything happened.
Activity on Saturday ( 8-5-10 )
10.00 - 12.00pm as usual
Spot is also around as usual N 32 or N 31 (they are just beside each other)
We'll be talking about INTERACT CLUB which you might not understand yet
Knowing Interact is nothing compared to understanding Interact =) 
There we will be looking for young and energetic interactors to be in the
10/11 Interact Club Committee
Next we will update you guys about a few trips like
Trip to KL around June 16: 3 days 2 night
and also hopefully 1 day trip around penang =)
Maybe you could also join RELAY FOR LIFE and get koko marks on club
( We'll let you know how, soon )( Penglibatan = Negeri )
Last but not least!
 Finally! Our International Understanding Day!
Theme : It's all about the Music!
Date : 11th June 2010 (School Holiday, Friday)
Time : 11am till 4pm
Venue: Chung Hwa Confucian High School (Auditorium)
Fee: RM20
Attire: Club T-shirt

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Activity this saturday (7-4-10)

@ N31.. the usual place beside N32

Time: 10am till 12pm...Please Don't Be Late! =)

Those who haven't passed up their blue cards please do it ASAP for ur marks!

Please also bring RM 15 for our club's T-shirt

As usual.. Anyone interested in joining the committee please let me know ASAP!

See you there!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Due to technical problems .. the IU DAY tomorrow by ICC of Penang
Changed venue to YMCA HALL .. Rest of the details remains the same..
Sorry for any inconvenience

oh and the time is 12.30 till 4.30.. Don't be late!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There will be NO Activity This Saturday

But Do Not forget about the IU DAY OF ICC PENANG!(Refer to the last post for details) 

This is an Open Event so you can bring NON-INTERACTORS friends
Lots of interactors from other schools are attending
The FACEBOOK Page of the event : http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=367176695891&ref=ts
There is even a BLOG PAGE : http://www.penanglargestiu.blogspot.com/

It'll Be loads of fun!

I'm setting up a PRE-Committee!
I will be personally teaching you lots of things.
Pre-committee will carry out its own project that have not been decided.
You will be receiving your posts during AGM around June to July this year based on your performance
This is your chance to truely UNDERSTAND INTERACT as you have never known before.
You could still be able to ask your friends to join Interact as its not TOO LATE =)
I will interview you one by one to know you better.
Spread to your fellow friends too
Please do let me know if you're interested to join!


Thank you!
Int. Chong Yu Tatt Aka Jaschong =P